Video blog: Developments in the field of (counter)terrorism

Video blog: Developments in the field of (counter)terrorism

Video blog in which the attacks in Paris, Brussels, as well as other developments in the field of (counter)terrorism are being discussed.

As part of the massive open online course (MOOC) "Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory & Practice", videos are regularly being produced to respond to some of the latest developments in the field of (counter)terrorism. The MOOC, that is freely accessible to everyone, has been online for almost three years now, and has attracted a worldwide audience of more than 100,000 participants from over 170 countries.

In the latest video blog, the attacks in Paris and Brussels are discussed, as well as the negotiations with the FARC. The book launch of a new book titled "Terrorisme" (in Dutch) written by Edwin Bakker and Jeanine de Roy van Zuijdewijn is also announced.

You can watch the video below or sign up for the MOOC where you can find this and many more videos relating to terrorism and counterterrorism.


Murad Ali

absolutely excellent words on explaining terrorism and its countering measure. however if we look into the state making strategy of countering terrorism, it just hinges on military based operation, for-instance taking from Afghanistan, Pakistan to middle East to Africa.
it is self-explaining that terrorism evolves through a long span of social, religious, economic, political and cultural suppression of minor segment of society. the suppression might be on the part of those who are at helm of affairs and a dominant ideology either.
instead of applying power as a first option in order to weed out terrorism, reconciliation, peaceful dialogue and compromise by state can be worked out successfully to reintegrate the excluded people into society.

Muhammad Fateh

Wonderful update and it is like a codified in terrorism and counter terrorism. We can not segregate ourselves this from our daily lives as tumultuous created a sense of fear around us.

We must have to assimilate ourselves against this new type of epidemic which is freezing people nerves. More across border cooperation is indispensable and citizen information should be considered as tangible information. These people may be living in our neighbors.

This can bring pragmatic results. Military operation will generate more but limited operations are precursor at this moment.

Great work by Professor Dr. Edwin Bakker and many congratulations on completing a book which is a need of time.

Muhammad Naeem ul Fateh


This is really great update about this issue ( terrorism and counter terrorism studies).
Many thank to prof Baker our great unforgetable teacher who give us and support us to understand terrorism and counter-terrorism studies .